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Samsung says iPhone's battery is embarrassing

Accusing iPhone users of being "wall huggers" because their batteries are so bad, a new Samsung Galaxy S5 ad hits where it hurts.

The iPhone wall hugger. A problem child. Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I thought that after all the legal battles, they'd sat down over a bottle of chenin blanc and decided to be friends.

But, no, just as Independence Day approaches, Samsung has decided to recommence its mocking onslaught on the powerless, penned-in paeans who own iPhones.

In a new ad released Thursday, we are at the airport. There are hordes of people sitting on the floor.

Are these merely the people who only have the financial power to fly coach? No, these are the people who have an iPhone 5S, and therefore lose battery power with the constancy of a Facebook privacy breach, Samsung says.

They are, according to Samsung, "tethered to the wall." Yes, even in public bathrooms.

They can't grab a drink. They can't share a laugh with their co-workers. Because their co-workers are among the enlightened who own a Galaxy S5, whose battery lasts beyond what you normally see in a pink bunny. It even has an interchangeable battery.

Samsung, though, isn't content just to mock the current iPhone. One poor hipsterish man sitting on the floor mutters: "I hear there's a new iPhone coming out soon."

"Hope it has a better battery," muses another man off camera. There are those who are hoping it has a bigger screen, too.

Oh, the trials of handling something beautiful, but imperfect. Some call it love.