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Samsung Galaxy S3 price drops $100 Sunday only at Best Buy

If you've been waiting to get the head honcho (for now) of the Android world, this weekend offers a chance to grab one for $100.

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And just like that, the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has reigned as king of the Android smartphone hill since the summer, seems to be on its way to being a has-been.

A release from Best Buy indicates that the retailer -- also not quite the big shot it used to be -- will be slashing $100 off the price of the Galaxy S3 for this Sunday, October 14, only.

Presuming that a hundred bones will be coming off the same prices Best Buy is now selling the Galaxy S3 for on its Web site, that means you can expect to pay just $100 to head home with a new GS3, so long as you also sign a contract with one of the big four U.S. carriers.

That's about $40 less than you'd pay right now for a similar arrangement through Amazon Wireless, which had been offering one of the best prices on the Galaxy S3.

The news comes as Samsung launches the Galaxy S3 Mini today, which is clearly not meant to be a replacement for the bigger and occasionally unpocketable original, but is nonetheless a new model that retailers like Best Buy will need to make room for.

(Via Droid Life)