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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 unveiling imminent in Barcelona

More evidence of a new tablet points to a big reveal on Sunday.

Before the weekend is out, it seems the world will meet a new Samsung tablet.
Anders Frick

Over the past month, we've been spotting clues pointing to an upcoming 10.1-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone-tablet hybrid. The speculation is that such a device could be unveiled at this week's Mobile World Congress--now one of our readers on the scene in Barcelona has evidence the announcement could be coming within 24 hours of now.

Freelance journalist Anders Frick went poking around the hotel where all the Samsung folks are staying and where it's clear something big is planned. He pulled back the cloth covering on some rather large and important looking signs to find the phrase, "It's 10.1... It's Galaxy Note..." and some images of an apparently new Samsung tablet.

There are more images and details (in Swedish) on Frick's blog--thanks for the heads up, sir!

Mobile World Congress officially gets under way on Monday, but Samsung and other companies have big unveilings and other events planned for Sunday.