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Samsung Galaxy Nexus prices already slashed

Amazon drops the contract price for the Ice Cream Sandwich phone by 50 percent on day one.

Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Almost immediately after Verizon announced Wednesday that it would start selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich phone today, the retail contract price started being slashed.

Last night, LetsTalk brought the two-year contract price down from Verizon's price of $299.99 to a total of $155 after an instant rebate and $75-off coupon code. The only way to get the coupon code is to visit the site's Facebook page and "Like" the company, unless some blogger somewhere tells you that the code is "$75VZN." Without the coupon, the phone costs $229.99 from LetsTalk with a contract, and apparently the deal has been popular--the site now says to expect a one- to two-week wait in receiving the new Google phone.

Today, Amazon did us one better--by about five bucks--by dropping the price all the way down to $149.99 with the contract. The company also says the phone is now backordered, and should ship in about 8 to 9 days.

For you more international types or straight-up CDMA haters, I'm afraid the cost of an unlocked Galaxy Nexus has hardly budged. You'll have to shell out at least $700 to enjoy that Ice Cream Sandwich abroad.