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Samsung Galaxy Mega, Windows 8 kills laptops in Podcast 334

From always-on games consoles to Siri and Windows 8, we point the finger at technology that actually makes things worse.

Two steps forward, two steps back, as Paula Abdul so neatly put it. Sometime technology advances are actually leaps backwards, so we've pointed the finger at technology that makes things worse.

From games consoles that require a constant Internet connection to Windows 8's bold new direction, we cast out the kit that's brought vexation into our day even as it's supposed to be improving our lives. And don't get us started on Siri...

Katie, Luke and Rich wonder what's the point of the Samsung Galaxy Mega -- we already have the Galaxy Note, after all -- and discuss why Windows 8 has sent laptop sales into freefall.

Plus we turn to you, esteemed listener, for your questions and comments. What gadgets would we purge from history? Is the Google Nexus 7 a worthwhile buy? And what would we miss if we were cast into the past like Nicholas "surprisingly posh in real-life" Lyndhurst in adultery-based '90s sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart?

Whether your gadgets are playing up and you need some advice, or you've got an opinion to share about the technology issues of the day, leave us a comment below, drop us an email or have your say on our Facebook page -- it's full of folks who love gadgets as much as you do, plus you'll get plenty of behind-the-scenes glimpses at life at CNET Towers.

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