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Samsung fans riot in support of former chairman

At a news conference held by the company's former top lawyer, protesters burn photos of him, apparently angry he snitched out the company's former chairman who resigned over charges of tax evasion.

Now this is a passionate user base.

Protesters turned out to riot and burn photos at a press conference in Seoul Wednesday held by former Samsung top lawyer, Kim Yong-Chul, and the Associated Press got a great photo of the civil disobediance in action.

We're not allowed to run AP photos (we don't pay for the service, but if anyone has their own photos, please send them my way at Erica dot Ogg at, but Engadget has the image, so be sure to check it out.

The company's former lawyer held the press conference to call for punishment of Samsung's former chairman, Lee Kun-Hee, who stepped down Tuesday after being indicted on tax evasion charges.

The rioters are apparently angry with Kim, whose admission to prosecutors about the existence of a $215 million company slush fund used to bribe public officials touched off a high-profile investigation into South Korea's largest company, which has long been a symbol of national pride.

Lee was cleared on charges related to the slush fund, but was also indicted on breach of trust for helping to arrange the sale of company stock to his son and unfairly low prices.

Nine other Samsung executives were indicted on charges similar to Lee's.