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Samsung DLPs: more diodes, less depth

Samsung introduces new DLP HDTVs at CES 2007, including slim models and LED-powered models.

HL-T6187S: LED-powered DLP

DLP-based rear-projection HDTVs have always been a mainstay of Samsung's extensive HDTV offerings, and offerings at this year's CES are no different. To follow up on its release of the HL-S5679W--the first widely available DLP to be powered by LEDs and 2006 Best of CES winner in the television category--the company announced three new LED-powered DLP sets for this year. The 61-inch HL-T6187S, the 56-inch HL-T5687S, and the 50-inch HL-T5087S all replace standard bulbs with a trio of light-emitting diodes, which imbues them with a longer life span (20,000 hours before needing replacement, as opposed to 3,000 to 6,000 hours with a bulb), an immunity to the rainbow effect, and the ability to impart that warm sense of environmental responsibility associated with mercury-free gear. They further increase appeal by decreasing the depths of their cabinets compared to last year's models. All three have 1080p (1,920x1,080) native resolution and "3D-ready technology." I'll ask Samsung about that one when I get a chance, but red-and-blue glasses aren't mentioned on the spec sheet. In case you're wondering, these still use the wobulated 1080p chip, known as "SmoothPicture" to TI fans (more info).

Conspicuously missing from the sets' official descriptions is any mention of whether their three HDMI inputs are version 1.3, but I'll post an update when I find out. The company also did not divulge pricing or availability for these sets, although they'll definitely arrive later and command a higher premium than the company's standard, bulb-powered DLPs.

HL-T6176S: bulb-powered DLP Samsung

Samsung introduced a matching trio of bulb-powered sets at the show and was even brave enough to commit to pricing and availability. There's the 61-inch HL-S6176S ($2,899 estimated selling price), the 56-inch HL-T5676S ($2,499) and the 50-inch HL-T5076S ($2,099), all coming in April. Each gets 1080p resolution and that difficult-to-believe but oh-so-round 10,000:1 contrast ratio, along with a few smaller numbers: three non-1.3 HDMI inputs, 3D readiness, and a depth of 10.6 inches. I assume that last number describes only the 50-incher and that others are proportionately deeper, but I can't confirm yet. Those prices are about equal to today's selling prices for the current generation of 1080p DLPs, such as the HL-S5687W.