Samsung claims watch phone is world's slimmest

It will be available in France first next month.

Damian Koh

Samsung watch phone

Look, LG, Samsung just totally pwned you with the S9110--supposedly the world's slimmest watch phone at 11.98 millimeters--by announcing that the wristwatch will be out this month in France for about $640. The LG GD910 which measures 13.9 millimeters, on the other hand, is due out in the U.K. only in August.

We're sure Samsung doesn't want us to miss out on the dual-band (900/1800MHz) wristwatch with a 1.76-inch 176x220-pixel touch screen and wireless e-mail syncing capability via Microsoft Outlook.

The S9110 also supports Bluetooth 2.1 and will have 40MB of built-in memory, an MP3 music player, voice recognition, voice memo, speakerphone, and anti-scratch properties on the face, all in a slim profile. To be fair, the slightly thicker LG GD910 comes with 3G video call capabilities and support for 7.2Mbps HSDPA.


(Via Crave Asia)