Samsung Blu-ray players struggle with CNET users again

While Samsung Blu-ray tend to do well in our editorial reviews, user opinions are consistently more negative, often citing reliability issues.

Matthew Moskovciak Senior Associate Editor / Reviews - Home theater
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Matthew Moskovciak
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Last year, we noticed a troubling trend. While we tended to give high review scores to Samsung Blu-ray players based on their design, features, performance and value, CNET users consistently rated them much lower, often citing reliability issues. We went through a detailed examination of why CNET's and user's opinions differ so much, with a major reason being our short review period, which isn't likely to catch longer-term reliability issues. Because of our trepidations with the long-term performance of Samsung Blu-ray players, we referenced Samsung's reliability issues in every review we did this year.

2010 is coming to a close and we've taken a similar look at Samsung's user opinions. The results are surprisingly similar to last year.