Sam's Club puts giant locust head up for auction

Win a giant locust head to put in your den, book case, or dining table, courtesy of Sam's Club.

All this could be yours, human.
Sam's Club/Epic Games

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for an Xbox 360 owner? When a signed copy of Gears of War 2 by creator Cliff Bleszinski isn't enough, Sam's Club has up for auction a 19-inch-tall replica head of a locust drone--you know, one of the several thousand or so that you must take out on your way to finishing the latest blockbuster title.

This svelte little number, sure to delight your significant other with its presence on the fireplace mantle or dining table, was designed and sculpted by Epic Games Art Director Chris Perma. If you're a winner of its cold, dead stare, it's worth noting you won't be getting your grubby mitts on it until "Q1 2009," which is when it'll be shipped out.

As of this posting, the price is hovering around $20, and the auction is due to end in just over seven days. If for some reason you lose, you can always drop $650 to get it right from the source.

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