Sales show PS3 outsold again--now by the PS2

Good: your console jumps in sales. Bad: it beats your newest console.

Matt Hickey
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Matt Hickey
PS2 outsells more powerful consoles. This is not a repeat from 2002. Sony

I'm starting to feel bad for Sony and the PS3 camp. I really am. Sales figures from The NPD Group, a prominent business research firm, show the three top spots for April's console sales went, respectively, to Nintendo for the DS, Wii, and DSi.

Then came Microsoft with the Xbox 360. Finally, Sony rounds out the rest, with the PS3 coming in sixth--behind its predecessor, the PS2. Ouch.

Of course, this likely has much to do with the price drop we reported on more than a month ago that took the PS2 to the $99.99 mark, a significant price point.

Still, it's got to be hard on the PS3 team knowing it got beat for a month by its 9-year-old little brother. And this doesn't mention the PSP, which comes in seventh place behind even the PS3.

The PS3 remains the most impressive gaming console in terms of hardware, but if Sony can't find a way to gain some sales traction and stop the declines, it might not matter.