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Why some of your Facebook friends are wearing safety pins

Even Star Trek captain Patrick Stewart has pinned on the latest political statement.

Have you noticed a number of social-media photos showing people displaying safety pins on their clothing? The pins aren't holding together a rip, they're making a statement, and even Star Trek captain Patrick Stewart has beamed aboard.

The trend doesn't have to do with fashion, but plays off the "safety" part of the item's name to indicate that the person wearing the pin is a safe person for those who might feel in danger, whether that's due to their religion, nationality or other status.

It seems to have begun with a series of tweets after the Brexit vote in June, and took off in the U.S. after Donald Trump was elected president on Tuesday.

Not everyone sees the pin as a useful statement.

But those who do are sharing their photos on Facebook and Twitter, and using hashtags such as #safetypin, #safetypins and #safetypinsolidarity.