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Ryan Reynolds kicks in $5K for Utah theater's 'Deadpool' defense fund

The actor who plays the "merc with a mouth" donates to the legal fund of a movie theater that could lose its liquor license for serving alcohol during a screening of "Deadpool."

Where did Deadpool get the money to donate to a Utah theater's defense fund? You're probably better off not knowing that.

When a movie theater is threatened with legal action for serving alcohol to its customers during an R-rated comedy, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Wait, no, I mean Ryan Reynolds! Damn these pop culture references. Deadpool makes it look so easy.

The star of the action comedy blockbuster "Deadpool" has weighed in on the legal woes of Brewvies Cinema Pub, a movie theater in Salt Lake City, Utah. The theater is facing fines and the suspension of its liquor license for violating a state law that prohibits alcohol from being served to customers watching sexually oriented entertainment. Brewvies was cited for serving alcohol during a screening of "Deadpool."

First, Reynolds weighed in on the controversy on Sunday with the following tweet.

Then Reynolds, or someone who has enough money to pretend to be him, donated $5,000 to the theater's legal defense fundraiser on GoFundMe. A representative for the actor confirmed to the Associated Press that it was indeed Reynolds who made the donation.

I guess this is one of those "four or five moments" that Colossus talked about right before Deadpool decided to turn Ajax's Francis' face into a spent bullet holder. And please, don't give me your whiny comments about spoilers. Don't act like you didn't know that was going to happen.