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Ryan Reynolds reveals 'Deadpool 2' Domino, using dominoes

But whoops, not everyone can read the message, so the actor has to try again with a second tweet.

It seemed like a clever idea: how better to reveal the name of the actress playing Domino in the second "Deadpool" film than by using dominoes?

On Thursday, "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds tweeted a photo of carefully arranged dominoes, with some additional dots added to form the name "ZAZIE BEETZ."

This is Reynolds' way of telling fans that the role of Domino in the sequel will be played by Beetz, the German-born actress who plays Van on FX's "Atlanta."

But some fans thought the message was a little dotty, and begged the actor for clarification.

Good thing actors are used to hearing, "Take two." Reynolds tweeted a more straightforward announcement an hour later.

Domino, aka Neena Thurman, first appeared in the X-Force comics in 1992, according to Marvel's Wiki. She was "one of many children born to the US government's Project: Armageddon, designed to genetically engineer the perfect weapon," the site notes.

She can initiate telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor, the site notes, "thus causing her to have 'good luck' and her opponents to have 'bad luck.' This phenomenon can be anything from an enemy's equipment failure to hitting just the right switch with a stray shot to shut down an overloading nuclear reactor."

The as-yet untitled "Deadpool" sequel will hit in 2018. Seem too far away? Moviegoers watching the Wolverine movie "Logan," currently in theaters, are being treated to a four-minute teaser, now also online, in which Reynolds desperately tries to change into his costume in a phone booth, showing a little skin in the process.

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