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Rumored Xbox 360 dashboard update to use motion control

Rumors are circulating about the new Xbox 360 dashboard update emulating the kind of motion-controlled interface seen in Minority Report.

The future is now.

With Sony releasing version 2.40 of the PlayStation 3 firmware today, it's no surprise that talk about a new Xbox 360 dashboard update has surfaced.

Aside from the normal list of technical updates, this rumored dashboard update will supposedly incorporate an entire new graphical user interface as well. Right now, reports point toward a sort of 3D experience, deviating from the current "blade" system. There's also talk that this alternative GUI will take advantage of some sort of motion-control device yet-to-be-announced by Microsoft.

Kotaku describes the new interface as a nod to the control scheme in the film Minority Report--and now it seems that they were really on to something. They're reporting that the company responsible for the new dashboard design involves the man who actually helped create the motion-controlled effects in the 2002 film. Small world.

We'll get you the latest details on the rumored new Xbox 360 interface as they come. While you're waiting for that, why not tell us what you'd like to see in it?