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Rumor: Verizon could carry LiMo devices

The cell phone gossip mill says that Verizon will start carrying devices using the LiMo Foundation's open operating system.

Rumors are afoot that Verizon Wireless will announce new cell phones based on the LiMo Foundation's mobile Linux operating system. Unstrungdid not reveal its source, but the publication reported Friday that the nation's second largest carrier could make an announcement by this Monday.

Verizon has yet to even suggest that it would adopt LiMo devices, but the LiMo gossip does make sense. After years of exercising almost total control of its devices, the carrier stunned the cell phone world last November when it announced that it would start allowing unlocked devices on its CDMA network. Then last March, it hinted that unlocked devices could be available by the middle of this month.

Though Google's Android platform continues to generate buzz, LiMo already has several devices on the market including the Motorola U9, the Motorola Z6w, the Motorola Rarz2 V8, and the Motorola Rokr E8. What's more, LiMo announced its Platform Release 1 at CTIA last month. Verizon is supporting Google's platform as well, but we won't see an Android-enabled phone in the United States until the end of the year.

Like the Open Handset Alliance, the LiMo Foundation came together last year to create an open, hardware-independent operating system for mobile phones. Currently, it is composed of 30 member companies including Motorola, NEC, Samsung, Vodafone, Orange, LG, and NTT DoCoMo.

Rest assured, we'll be watching the wires over the next few days to see what it happens. If the news breaks, we'll bring you the details.