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Rumor: Nokia E71 coming to AT&T

Rumors start to circulate that AT&T will pick up the Symbian-based Nokia E71 smartphone.

Nokia E71
Nokia E71
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Over the recent months, I've received a fair share of e-mails asking the same question: Will a U.S. carrier ever pick up the Nokia E71? Well, it looks like some of your wishes may come true.

According to Engadget Mobile, AT&T might be in line to add the Symbian smartphone to its lineup. While just a rumor at this point, the idea isn't too hard to believe since the carrier did offer the Nokia E61i for a while. By all accounts, the Nokia E72 will offer all the goodies of the E71, including HSDPA support and even add Feature Pack 2.

You can pick up the Nokia E71 now as an unlocked phone from Nokia USA and other online retailers, but you'll also be looking at a hefty price tag of around $500. Ouch. Let's hope these rumors turn out to be true. For more information on the smartphone, please read our full review of the Nokia E71.