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Rumor Has It: Watch out, Pandora -- here comes iRadio

Apple's AirDrop may finally come to an iOS device near you, an analyst teaches Eric how to be a good employee, and iRadio rumors might finally be put to rest -- soon.

Now playing: Watch this: Watch out, Pandora: Here comes iRadio

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference begins next week, which means that a lot of rumors will finally be put to rest. What probably won't be put to rest, however, are rumors about the next iPhone.

Other than iOS 7, one big thing we're expecting will be announced next week is the long-rumored iRadio. What do you think? What features would you like to see in iRadio? Hit the comments below!

Also on the show: AirDrop might be coming to iOS 7, and the Xbox One and PS4 get some prices out of nowhere, thanks to an analyst who's just trying to keep his job.

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