Rumor Has It: Next Xbox don't need no stinkin' Internet

Recent Google-related rumors freak Karyne out, Amazon just loves a good gimmick, and the Xbox might not need an always-on Internet connection after all. Oh, and we say hi to an old friend.

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Google I/O begins this week, so the rumor mill churned out a few goodies for us to take a look at.

A couple rumors we're bound to see: the next-gen Nexus 7 and a revamped Maps. A new Nexus 7 sounds great, but you know what doesn't? Google+ tainting my Maps searches with its stupid opinions.

The long-rumored Amazon phone might actually be two phones, with one supposedly sporting 3D hologram images. Um, why? And finally, the debate on whether the next Xbox will require an always-on Internet connection might finally come to an end, at least according to a leaked internal memo.

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