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Rumor Has It: New Xbox launch timed for 2013 holidays? (video)

This week in rumor land, Emily Dreyfuss and Donald Bell wonder about new Kindle Fires, whether Samsung might drop the Android OS, and they don't mention the iPhone 5 once. Kidding!

Now playing: Watch this: Could the new Xbox hit in 2013 after all?

As if actual Microsoft product launches haven't been in the news enough this week (ahem, Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8), rumors of the road map for the long-anticipated new Xbox are heating up.

A PowerPoint presentation posted to NeoGAF forums claims to divulge Microsoft's secret product launch plans. No, not the launch codes -- this isn't a nuclear crisis, though the excitement among Xbox gamers is verging on nuclear. (See what I did there?) The document has NOT been authenticated, and Microsoft is mum on the issue, but its contents are in line with previous rumors.

The biggest claim of the document? That the Xbox 720 is scheduled to launch for the holiday shopping season...2013.

Watch our show to see if Donald Bell (who's subbing for a vacationing Karyne Levy) and I think that timeframe sounds right. Play along by casting your vote using our interactive player (or the little poll right here in this blog post).

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Have fun, folks. And tune in next Thursday for a fresh crop of gadget gossip.

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