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Rumor Has It: iPad 5 wants you to touch-a-touch-a-touch-it

Google might be next on the smartwatch canoe, Amazon phone rumors crop up again, and Touch ID might be heading to an iPad near you.

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Apple is holding its iPad event on October 22, so all the rumors will finally be put to rest. The latest, which I think will come true, is that the iPad 5 will have a Touch ID sensor, just like the iPhone 5S. A recent video from Unbox Therapy also suggests that the next-gen iPad will incorporate this touch sensor security.

I mean, why wouldn't it? It seems to be a novel idea on the iPhone 5S, and it sure does make buying things in the App Store a bit faster.

Also this week, a new report says that Amazon will be working with HTC to bring its fabled Amazon phone to the masses. And Google is rushing to push itself into the fledgling smartwatch world. Would you be into an Amazon phone? How about a Google watch? Don't forget to vote in the polls in the video, and hit the comments and let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching!

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