Rumor Has It: Google to send you a couple cold beers?

A rumor is going around that Google plans to invade the bike messenger's turf with a new "same-day" delivery service.

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On this week's show, we investigate the logic behind the rumor of Google's delivery ambitions. We know Google had ventured far afield from its core search functionality in the past (cough, Android, cough, Google Wave, cough driverless cars) but it's hard to see how Google could invade the shopping/delivery sphere. It doesn't have any warehouses, delivery trucks, or even, to be perfectly frank, any products to sell. But those concerns may be missing the point.

We also go over the reports that Apple's now-former iOS chief Scott Forstall lost his job because his mama never taught him any manners. Jeez, Scott, were you raised in a barn? And it seems like the rumor mill is full of reports of rudeness, as Nokia may also not be in a sharing mood.

We were going to have a special, silly "Humiliation Day" episode this week, but in light of Hurricane Sandy we decided to postpone it until next week. If you're reading this from the East Coast, know that your humble California-based tech rumor reporters are thinking of you.

Thanks for watching!

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