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Rumor Has It, Ep. 26: Last call for iPhone 5 rumors (podcast)

On this week's episode, a fan calls in to ask about a sad rumor he has heard on the InterWebs, and when Karyne and Emily confirm his suspicions, a Rumor Has It bomb is dropped.

This is a real patent, but it might as well be a kid's drawing, amirite? Patent Bolt

Friends, geeks, countrymen, lend me your ears, for we have some important news: iPhone 5 may get a bigger Retina Display!

OK, OK, you got me; that isn't actually the big, bomb-dropping news. I'm stalling, but I'll just be brave and come out with it like a responsible adult: the Rumor Has It podcast as you have come to know and love it is ending. Next week we will have our final episode, consisting of the ULTIMATE HUMILIATION!

We hate to go, but it's been so much fun, and we're going to go out with a rollicking, fun show. All our chips are on the table; this is it, folks!

On this week's show, we gush about how much we love you, explain the changes coming to CNET TV, play an awesome clip show made by our fan Cale, and bet on the final rumors.

Karyne's walrus for Draw Something. Karyne Levy/CNET

Now for the rumors: we are perplexed by the whole "tattoos that answer phone calls" patent from Nokia. Then we wonder what in the world Microsoft is thinking submitting a patent for a 3D gaming helmet that looks like Karyne drew it in Draw Something. We ask, is the new iPhone finally going to get bigger? And is Sony so sad and behind that it is really going to release a Chromebook literally a year too late?

But most importantly of all, what do you guys want to see on our last show? Please write us with ideas for short, in-studio humiliations we can enact, and ask your final questions! We'll answer as many as we can, and play as many of your videos and voice mails as we can cram into an hour. Also, if you want to write in with your support for the show, or ideas for a new show that Karyne, Stephen, and I can undertake, please do! E-mail us at Rumorhasit [at] cnet.com; call 1-800 750-CNET; or tweet to us @RumorShow, @EmilyDreyfuss, @karynelevy, and @stephenbeacham.

Thanks, everyone!


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