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Rumor Has It, Ep. 25: We're just gonna wait for Windows 8 (podcast)

Today's show is all about Windows 8 (for once). We also wonder how to change the ending. Is BioWare wondering the same thing?

What is this thing? Oh right: the Lenovo Yoga. Lenovo

Back on Episode 3, Emily was on vacation, and put all her faith and trust in Sharon Vaknin. We took a vote on whether Microsoft would reveal the next-generation Xbox at E3 2012 (Sharon said yes, I said no). Well this week, Microsoft told everyone not to expect a new Xbox anytime soon, which means I won a point! It also means that Sharon and Emily are in a fight.

Today's show gets wild and crazy with two Windows 8 rumors, but no iPad rumors. Imagine that. Will Lenovo be the first to launch a Windows 8 tablet? Rumors surround music subscription service Mog, and whether it's been purchased by none other than Beats audio! Awesome! But not so awesome, apparently, was the ending to Mass Effect 3. Fans of the series want a redo. And they want it now.


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Links from the show!

Lenovo to launch first Windows 8 tablet--in October, report says

Windows 8 reportedly set for October debut

Mog rumored to have been sold to HTC Beats

BioWare considering changing Mass Effect 3's ending

Yay or Nay?

Android to pwn iPad market share by 2016?

Is an Office Web Apps refresh likely on Microsoft's menu?

Will the HTC One X be Sprint's first LTE smartphone?

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