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Rumor Has It, Ep. 16: Whew! iPad 3 is coming! (podcast)

We close out CES 2012 with a bang by bringing out our first-ever guests, showing you the unglamorous side of CES, and announcing some breaking news.

Rumor Has It gets the dubious honor of being the last show live on the CNET main stage of CES 2012, and we use it to cry, "The iPad 3 is coming! The iPad 3 is coming!"

After spending seven full days in the city of sin, covering a bazillion and two live blogs, running around the show floor looking for pretty objects, and editing the glut of content CNET produced from CES, we somehow slap on our fancy pants, shellac on some lipstick, and make this show happen.

Look, Mom, we're live on stage at CES! We hope we don't drop an F bomb! Karyne Levy/CNET

This show is a record-breaker for many reasons; first and foremost, Rumor Has It brings on its first-ever guests! Chris Matyszczyk, of CNET's Technically Incorrect blog, and Nathan Bransford, the man behind CNET's social media presence. Chris dishes some seriously juicy gossip that only a man of his keen, hilarious temper could find, and he nearly brings me to tears with one tale of woe. And Nathan (with help from my little brother Ben Dreyfuss, aka the Twitter detective and CNET's incognito Twitterer) killed it on Twitter last week, bringing you the fastest news out of CES of anyone on the Web. We find out how he did it.

It was also the first time we had ever done two shows in one day! On no sleep! And with only Doritos in our bellies! (Don't miss the Humiliation Day episode we did the hour before.)

So check it out as we explain why it's looking more and more likely the iPad 3 will be out in March, cover breaking SOPA news, and most importantly, show you behind the scenes at the real CES, the CNET Trailer.


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Show notes:
Samsung Galaxy S3 to sport 3D display and camera?
How to spot an apple spy at CES
Apple to ship high-res 'iPad 3' in March, 'iPad 4' with new apps in October

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