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Rumor Has It, Ep. 12: Samsung to release Retuna Deesplay tablet (podcast)

On this week's show, Verizon looks to take over video streaming; the iPad 3 may come out in March, April, May, or June; Nokia and Microsoft are sluts; and Emily and Karyne share the same favorite number!

Karyne Levy Former Assistant managing editor
Karyne Levy is an assistant managing editor at CNET. When she's not taking a red pen to the computer screen, she can be found researching tech rumors and dishing about them as co-host of CNET TV's Rumor Has It.
Karyne Levy
Karyne and Emily share a love for the same number. What are the odds?! Screenshot by Karyne Levy/CNET
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Links from the show!

Verizon may hook up with Red Box for Web video

Next-gen iPad available in three to four months

Samsung to beat Apple to market with Retina Display?

T-Mobile, Nokia tout 'something exciting' for next week

It's number 3!

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