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Rumor Has It: Attack of the giant iPhones

If recent rumors come true, upcoming iPhones and iPads will be not only better, but also bigger. Also, LG acts like everyone else, and a Sony device could beef up your photos.

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Rumorland never fails to entertain.

This week, LG filed for a million trademarks, including ones for GPad, G Watch, and G Band. One could guess that it's for a tablet, smartwatch, and activity monitor. Of course, why not? Now, trademark filings don't necessarily mean that these products are being worked on, but nobody would surprised if LG were to throw its hat into the smartwatch ring. I mean, everyone else is.

In other rumor news, Sony might be working on a new camera lens accessory that could attach to your mobile device or be used on its own. If this pans out, this'll be pretty awesome. Although I wonder why you'd carry this accessory with you, rather than your already awesome dSLR. But who am I to judge? The more accessories the better, I always say!

And finally, Apple is rumored to be working on bigger iPhone and iPad screens. Like, way bigger: 5.7 inches, perhaps, and almost 13 inches for the iPad. Would that be something you'd like? Hit the comments and let me know.

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