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Rumor Has It: Apple 'iTV' may require some bling

The latest from the iTV rumor mill: accessorizing yourself in order to get the most out of the TV. We certainly hope not.

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Remember the "iTV"? Of course you do. It's that fabled HDTV that Apple has reportedly been working on for forever and ever. Apple analysts are beside themselves, trying to predict what the TV will include, how much it'll cost, what will be its killer feature.

This time, an Apple analyst went above and beyond, predicting that the TV will come with some pretty blingy accessories to help Apple infiltrate all aspects of your life. We can't wait.

Also this week, the next-gen Xbox might be announced soon; a Google rumor is denied before we even really got a handle on it; and guest-host Eric Franklin makes Karyne cry with his bad jokes.

What do you think about these Apple iTV predictions? Do you think the iRing is a possibility? Let us know in the comments.

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