Rumor: Gawker Media to launch science fiction blog

The parent company of successful blogs like Kotaku and Lifehacker is rumored to be working on a sci-fi title, and has a highly sought-after editor in mind.

The New York-based blog network Gawker Media--parent company of blogs like Wonkette, Valleywag, and Defamer--is better known for salacious gossip and snarky social commentary than geek fandom (even its gadget blog Gizmodo and gaming hub Kotaku aren't the nerdiest titles in their genres). But the company, according to rumors overheard by the Huffington Post on Tuesday, may be very close to launching a science fiction blog.

The Huffington Post suggested that Gawker Media may have nabbed (or be in the process of nabbing) a Wired writer to helm the new blog, but it's unclear whether this means a staffer for Wired magazine or for its blog network. From what the rumor suggested, the shadowy editor in question is pretty highly sought-after and is being offered a salary on the higher end of the company's offerings.

It's hard to imagine a Gawker Media blog handling the likes of Boba Fett and Mr. Spock without relentless mockery, but hey, maybe they can make it work. Or maybe that's the point.

Gawker Media, which was founded in 2002 and currently operates 14 standalone blogs, launched a womens-focused blog, Jezebel, several weeks ago.