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Rumor: Android 3.0 ThinkPad tablet by summer?

A leaked presentation says a Honeycomb-powered tablet from Lenovo is headed our way. Besides having a 10.1 inch touch screen and a dual-core processor, it's said to come with an optional stylus.

A ThinkPad tablet powered by Honeycomb is revealed in a leaked Lenovo presentation document.
A ThinkPad tablet powered by Honeycomb is revealed in a leaked Lenovo presentation document. This Is My Next

According to a Lenovo internal presentation sent to the blog This Is My Next over the weekend, the world's fourth-largest PC maker is planning to jump on the touch-screen tablet bandwagon by this summer.

Here's what the document says: The tablet will be powered by Android 3.0, otherwise known as Honeycomb, will come in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage size options, weigh 1.6 pounds, and have a 10.1-inch IPS (in-plane switching) touch screen. The processor is an Nvidia Tegra 2, there are two cameras--front and back--and it'll be 0.55 inches thick.

There are several ports promised: USB 2.0, micro USB, mini HDMI, and an SD card slot, and the ThinkPad tablet is set to have both 3G and 4G for wireless connections. Oh and then there's this: it would come with an optional stylus.

The software reveals that this ThinkPad tablet is designed to appeal to corporate IT departments. There's a custom Lenovo user interface on the device, as well as the promise of enhanced security and an app store that companies could police so that only approved apps are available for download.

The target ship date is July, with a price listed at $499, which would likely be for the entry-level 16GB model.

A Lenovo spokesman said the company is "neither confirming nor denying" the product's plan or existence.

Lenovo has a more consumer-oriented tablet in the works as well, the Le Pad, a tablet Lenovo had originally promised last year.

Lenovo introduced it with much fanfare in early 2010, but by the end of the year changed its mind and said it was waiting until 2011 for a more tablet-friendly OS, which is what Honeycomb was designed to be.

This purported tablet isn't the only ThinkPad product Lenovo is having trouble keeping a lid on: yesterday word leaked out the company is also prepping a superthin laptop called the X1.

This post was updated at 11:40 a.m. PT with Lenovo's response.

Update 3:01 p.m. PT: But wait, there's more: Buried in that same presentation is mention of yet another tablet coming from Lenovo, says blog This Is My Next. This one is a 7-inch tablet also based on Android 3.0. There is little in the way of other details in the page from the leaked presentation besides mention of a dual-core ARM processor and possible end-of-the-year shipping date.