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Rubber band revolver is your new favorite problem solver

Andy Mangold updates the classic rubber band gun

Andy's rubber band gun coimes with interchangeable barrels
Andy Mangold

I went shopping for my little brother's birthday last weekend, and I never thought I'd say it, but toys are way too complicated. In addition to having the most complicated packaging ever, all the action figures and playsets look like they were teleported out of some dystopian future. I really do miss the days when the imagination and roleplaying were the only accessories necessary to have a fun time. Which is precisely the reason why I've selected designer/craftsman Andy Mangold's Rubber Bandit modern take on the classic rubber band gun to show off today.

The Rubber Bandit is Mangold's sole creation, handcrafted out of curly maple and bloodwood that gives it a classic, authentic feel. You can tell by the pictures alone that a lot of time and careful design went into making it; the gun even comes with interchangeable barrels that lets the shooter "fine tune the amount of damage." I especially like the the small box and classic card that come with the toy, but it's definitely not for younger gunslingers; the packaging reads:

"DANGER! This rubber band gun, handcrafted to the highest standards, is capable of inflicting 1st and 2nd degree welts, contusions, and bruises, on the supple flesh of it's targets. For safety's sake, it should only be wielded by a trustworthy and licensed adult. For fun's sake, place it in the hands of your craziest, most demented, deranged, unbalanced, loose-cannon of a friend, and watch the rubber fly."

According to Andy, each gun only costs around $40-50 to make, and while there's no set prices yet, he's willing to design and build custom-orders. E-mail him at andymangold[at]gmail[dot]com to inquire about pricing and availability.

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