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Roush's Ford F-150 LPI runs on gas--real gas

Roush unveils its liquid propane-powered Ford F-150.

Liquid propane gas-guzzler
Liquid propane gas-guzzler Roush

This month at CNET Car Tech we are focusing on all things green, so how opportune that Roush, the pimp-upper extraordinaire of Ford Mustangs and pickups, should choose today to unveil its latest creation: the propane-powered Ford F-150. The Roush F-150 LPI (the suffix stands for liquid propane injection) runs solely on propane and, according to its designers, delivers the same horsepower and torque as a regular gasoline-powered 5.4-liter V-8 F150 pickup.

While it uses the same engine platform and drive train as its petrol-burning siblings, the F-150 LPI is modified with dedicated propane fuel lines, fuel rail assembly, and fuel tank. The base-level F-150 LPI features a 20-gallon fuel tank situated in spot usually reserved for the under-body spare tire; a 50-gallon tank upgrade is available for those who want more miles per fill-up.

The Roush F-150 LPI is available in the regular cab, SuperCab, and SuperCrew styles with XL or XLT trim; it is on sale at Ford dealers nationwide and will set you back an extra $6,500 compared with the equivalent gasoline model.

Via Autoblog