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Roundup of Apple announcements

Here's a rundown of what Steve Jobs revealed at Tuesday's Apple music event.

Erica Ogg Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Erica Ogg

As expected, Tuesday was all about the iPod.

iPod Nano new design
A rainbow of new iPod Nanos announced Tuesday. James Martin/CNET

At Apple's fourth straight September music event, Steve Jobs took the stage to update Apple's iPod lineup and iTunes features. CNET's Tom Krazit will have more in-depth analysis for you, while Donald Bell will review the devices and give us his expert reviewer's opinion soon.

Until then, here's a quick summary of the newsworthy announcements from this morning's event.

  • iTunes 8 is out. The new Genius feature is a music discovery service, the first for Apple.

  • NBC content is back on the iTunes Store, so we can all get back to downloading The Office after a year-long hiatus.

  • The iPod Classic gets trimmed down in size: a new 120GB iPod for $249. Yes, Microsoft just announced a Zune with those exact specs. Also, the 160GB iPod Classic was discontinued.

  • Oh, and those iPod Nano spy shots we saw? Yeah, they were right on target. New Nanos are longer, slimmer, with curved edges. They come with an accelerometer now and start at $149 for 8GB.

  • New device means new accessories: new, "more sophisticated" in-ear headphones will sell for $79.

  • New iPod Touch: it's slimmer, has iPhone's multitouch technology, and now starts at $229 for 8GB.

  • iPhone and iPod Touch users rejoice: Jobs says the updated OS X 2.1 software will fix a lot of bugs related to dropped calls, battery life problems, and crashing applications.

Make sure to check back here throughout the day as our experts weigh in.