Roundup: 17 iPhoto tips

Learn how to organize, edit, and share your photos using iPhoto '11.

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Matt Elliott
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iPhoto '11 is a powerful tool for organizing and sharing photos, and it has a few editing tools that let you quickly adjust the look of your photos. Like much of Apple's iLife '11 suite, iPhoto is easy to use, but to get the most out of it, I present 17 tips that will show you how to organize, edit, and share your photos.


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How to use Events to organize photos
Setting parameters around iPhoto Events makes it easier to browse large photo libraries.

How to flag photos
Flagging photos is a convenient way to mark photos you want to upload, print, or return to later to edit.

How to use iPhoto Places
iPhoto Places can be used with or without GPS-enabled cameras.

How to use a Smart Album to separate out videos
Create a simple yet effective Smart Album to collect the videos in your iPhoto library.

How to create a Smart Album for your Hipstamatic pics
There is a Hipstamatic filter hidden within the conditions for creating a Smart Album. It's a great way to isolate the shots taken with the iPhone's Hipstamatic app that you've imported to your iPhoto library.

How to hide and unhide photos
Hidden photos remain in your iPhoto library; they are just hidden from view for times when a viewer of your photos doesn't necessarily need to see them all.

How to use iPhoto keywords
Assigning keywords to photos and events in iPhoto can greatly help future search efforts.

How to manage multiple iPhoto libraries
Using more than one iPhoto library is an easy way to divvy up expansive photo collections.


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Five iPhoto editing tips
Get the most out of the editing tools in iPhoto '11, and don't be afraid to get in there and experiment. iPhoto editing is nondestructive, meaning that you can always return a photo to its original, unedited state.

How to resize images
If there is a book of e-mail decorum, resizing a photo before e-mailing it should be one of the first chapters. And if you are uploading a photo rather than e-mailing it, reducing the size of your images can greatly speed up the upload time.


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How to e-mail images directly from iPhoto
Link your preferred e-mail account to iPhoto and you can e-mail photos directly from iPhoto. No longer do you need to fire up your e-mail client, hunt for the attachment, and then wait for it to be attached.

How to use iPhoto to share on Facebook
Directly from iPhoto '11, you can publish photos or videos to your wall, as an album on Facebook, or as your profile picture.

How to use iPhoto to share on Flickr
iPhoto makes sharing photos on Flickr a snap. The process is so simple, in large part, because there isn't a great deal of functionality built into iPhoto's Flickr integration beyond the ability to upload photos.

How to upload photos to Picasa from iPhoto
iPhoto '11 lets you export photos to Picasa Web Albums, and the process couldn't be easier.

How to create a slideshow
Add effects and music to your next photo presentation with an iPhoto slideshow.

How to export a slideshow as a QuickTime movie
Exporting a slideshow lets you share it online or sync it with an iOS device.

And perhaps most importantly...

How to back up your iPhoto library
Even if you are a regular Time Machine practitioner, it's still a good idea to back up your iPhoto library (or at least parts of it) to a drive or a disc.