Round toaster answers prayers, terrifies hamsters

The Roastie, a round bread crisper out of Poland, offers toasting supervision and more efficiency.

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Eric Mack
The ideal atmosphere for creating the perfect BLT; not so much for your gerbil's workout. Mateusz Glowka

When serious BLT fans like myself look back over the technological accomplishments of the past century, it seems a bit unfair that we've traveled to the moon and connected the world by sending magic signals through the air, yet still burn a disconcerting proportion of our toast.

At last, a Polish designer has brought the underappreciated art of gently crisping bread into the 21st century. Mateusz Glowka created the Roastie, a wheel-shaped toasting device that's bound to haunt your hamster's nightmares.

Glowka claims on his Web site that the transparent, circular design offers an optimal heating environment and maximum toasting supervision, and is even more efficient:

The heaters are immersed in the arms, which turn around the toast inside the sphere. Because of that the loaf is being toasted evenly and doesn't become singed... Because of the enclosed space and the shielded armes (sic), heat accumulation occurs and the time and electricity needed for baking is being cut down.

Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans for manufacturing the Roastie, which was actually a student project for an industrial design class. That might be just as well since it can only accommodate one slice of bread at a time, but then again, I for one believe the perfect BLT is worth waiting for.

(Via Laughing Squid)