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Roku to add 10 more channels by year's end

The Roku Digital Video Player may be getting as many as 10 new video-on-demand "channels" by the end of 2009 after distributing a development kit to partners.

Roku Digital Media Player
Amazon and Netflix will be getting some company.

The Roku Digital Video Player may be getting as many as 10 new Internet video-on-demand channels by the end of 2009. So says Roku vice president Tim Twerdahl in an interview with U.S. News & World Report.

The Roku Player was originally a Netflix-only device, but it recently added Amazon Video On Demand. The U.S. News story reports Roku has "quietly distributed a development kit to what Twerdahl calls a few 'close, big-name' partners." More info is expected to be revealed this summer, at which time the development kit would be made available to additional programmers.

Providers weren't named, but tech blogger Dave Zatz points out that YouTube support on the Roku has been hinted at in the past, and that has outed itself as a Roku developer as well. If those are 2 of the 10, that still leaves 8 more.

Obviously, any of the existing video content aggregators (Hulu,, and CNET sister-site would be huge attractions to the Roku, as would individual network-video sites. I'd also like to see some music services (Pandora was just added to Roku rival Vudu, and will also be on most Samsung Blu-ray players and home theater systems shipping in 2009).

Which providers would you like to see added to the Roku box? And do you think that Roku is starting to steal some of Boxee's thunder? Share your opinions below.