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Roku Player gets more niche video channels

Roku has announced the addition of two new niche video channels on its family of network video streaming players, and promises much more content is in the pipeline.

Roku HD player

The Roku Player's initial claim to fame was Netflix streaming and while that's still it's main draw, it's now accompanied by a full suite of streaming media services, most notably Amazon Video On Demand and MLB.TV.

Roku has continued to add functionality to its family of streaming media players, and announced Wednesday two new services: MHz Networks on Demand and Highway Girl. Roku describes MHz Networks on Demand as a "popular international channel" and Highway Girl as a "collection of interviews and live performances with various indie musicians." We're not familiar with either service, but their addition proves that its getting easier for smaller producers to publish their work on Roku's streaming content platform. Roku also added DreamTV and SmugMug channels to the box a few weeks ago.

Roku promises us that more channels are in the pipeline, including some more well-known names. We're still surprised that there's no YouTube channel, especially when YouTube is available on nearly all Blu-ray players now. Of course, everyone wants a Hulu channel, but given Hulu's treatment of other streaming video boxes, we don't think it's likely.