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Final 10 minutes of 'Rogue One' are stunning, Kevin Smith says

Holy Sith! The director and fanboy says the movie is "Empire Strikes Back"-level great, and that Darth Vader is epic.

Warning: Possible vague spoilers for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" ahead.

Don't order the jumbo-size Icee when you see "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." According to filmmaker and fanboy Kevin Smith, you're not going to want to leave your seat during the film's last 10 minutes. Not that you were planning on it, of course.

Smith and his teen daughter Harley Quinn Smith attended the "Rogue One" premiere on Saturday, with Harley wearing Princess Leia's famed cinnamon-bun hairdo. Smith later shared his reaction on Facebook and Twitter.

That's right. Smith called the new movie, which opens December 15 in Australia and December 16 in the US and UK, "Empire Strikes Back"-level great. That's high praise in the Star Wars universe, where the 1980 sequel is enthusiastically acclaimed.

Now, if you're surprised by Darth Vader's epicness, I find your lack of faith disturbing. But I was especially intrigued by Smith's focus on the film's final 10 minutes, considering all the rumors flying about what will and will not be revealed in this go-round.

"You will flat-out squeal through the last act of Rogue One," Smith writes. "And the final 10 minutes will show you something you've never seen before that you never knew how much you wanted to see in the first place."

So does that mean that...

Or maybe that he...

And that she...

Regardless, not everyone is buying what Smith is selling. Wrote Robert Kercheval in response to Smith's Facebook rave: "I love you and the movies you have made, Mr. Smith, but you always say any movie you've just seen is fantastic until you get on a podcast six months later and deliver the actual truth. Ever the salesman."

But others were ready to use the Force no matter what the reviews said. "I'm glad you liked it," Bill Sekely wrote. "But they had my money at AT-ATs not on Hoth and old X-wings doing new things!"