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Hate the 'Rogue One' ending? Here's the video you've got to see

If you were depressed at the ending of the latest Star Wars film, this version may Force-choke away the sadness.


Warning! Probably you really don't need a "Rogue One" spoiler warning if you clicked on this story, but here it is if you do.

The end of 2016's "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," stunned some, depressed a few, and felt appropriate to others. No question, this wasn't your typical Disney ending where all our heroes lived happily ever after -- and you could argue that is exactly what gave the saga the needed weight leading up to the events of 1977's "A New Hope."

But if you still need something to Force-choke the sadness out of your mind, tune in to "How Star Wars Rogue One Should Have Ended," a video published Thursday by the How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel.

We won't spoil too much of it, but let's just say the HISHE crew takes aim at a few of the bigger "Rogue One" plot holes as accurately as if they were bulls-eyeing womp rats back home. The video doesn't just write up a happier ending for Jyn and Cassian, but brings back any number of characters who could've used sunnier exits.

Don't miss the Darth Vader dad joke scene, and stay tuned after the credits for yet another jab at CGI Tarkin. Heck, they even direct a dig at the film's lack of an opening crawl.

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