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Rogue Google engineer: Google trying to make me happy

Steve Yegge, whose unfortunately public Google+ post criticized Google and its woeful ability at platforms, posts again and says the company is already working to address his criticisms. He also says people like Jeff Bezos are aliens.

Many of you will have been understandably concerned about the personal safety of Steve Yegge.

He's the Google engineer who, last week, accidentally posted a public disquisition on Google+ about, well, Google's vast and many failures. Its Google+ platform, for example, which he described as "a pathetic afterthought."

Could it be that Messrs. Page and Brin would consider that same phrase for Yegge? Could it be that they would have him thrown off a peak in Mountain View, cackling as his career crashed somewhere down below?

Please fear not. Because after midnight last night, Yegge posted again to Google+ to inform the world that Google loves him to smithereens and is already working to address his vast and fundamental concerns.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

"Amazingly, nothing bad happened to me at Google. Everyone just laughed at me a lot, all the way up to the top, for having committed what must be the great-granddaddy of all Reply-All screwups in tech history," he wrote.

But wait. Whatever you might have been told, especially by Sergey Brin--who said this week that he had stopped reading Yegge's lengthy rant "after the first thousand pages or so"--Yegge is possibly maybe something of a hero.

For he declared of his employers: "They also listened, which is super cool. I probably shouldn't talk much about it, but they're already figuring out how to deal with some of the issues I raised."

We all have things that we probably shouldn't talk much about. Especially at Yegge's length. He knows this well. His new Google+ tagline is "Someday my foot won't fit in my mouth." But he is clearly excited that his original 5,000 words-ish screed didn't fall on fallow ground.

He does, though, end this new (and still lengthy) post with some thoughts about how brilliant, polymathic, astounding, PowerPoint-averse and genius-like his former employer, Amazon's Jeff Bezos happens to be.

It's all going so well until he offers this florid flow of fulmination: "People like Jeff are better regarded as hyper-intelligent aliens with a tangential interest in human affairs."

Oh dear. And I thought that phrase would cover almost 100 percent of engineers working at Google.