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Rock your iPad and iPhone to a full charge

Rocking chairs aren't just for grandparents. The iRock has built-in speakers and charges your iOS device while you relax.

iRock rocking chair
Rock out with your iRock while you rock.
Micasa Lab

Kick back in your rocking chair. Relax. Knit some booties for your basset hound. Blast some AC/DC through built-in speakers and recharge your iPad at the same time. You have an iRock, an iPhone and iPad-charging rocking chair.

Though it's still listed as being under development, a lot of details are already available for the iRock. It comes in five colors ranging from white to bright red. It is made from Swedish pine. It has a very classic shape. There's no attempt at making the rocking chair look like it was built by Apple's design team. That's pretty refreshing.

The iRock includes a generator that turns rocking movements into power for your iPad or other Apple mobile product. Just set your device in the built-in dock and rock your low battery away. According to the iRock's creators, Micasa Lab, a 60-minute rocking time translates into recharging an iPad 3 up to 35 percent.

The iRock is expected to cost about $1,700. Android fans will be out of luck. The product page says no Android connectors are available at the moment. Perhaps Android lovers could come up with their own Android-charging La-Z-Boy recliner.

iRock speaker built in
A little speaker whispers in your ear. Micasa Lab

(Via Ubergizmo)