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Blast music from Vladimir Putin's head

These porcelain busts of presidents and dictators are actually computer speakers, so you can get down with your favorite head of state.

I think the only way these guys could be in a room together is if they were porcelain speakers. Sound of Power

If you love both prominent political figures and rocking out to sweet tunes, we may have the speakers for you. Sound of Power has released a new line of porcelain-bust speakers for computers, smartphones, and tablets, modeling them after presidents and dictators.

The lineup consists of five political figures: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Robert Mugabe, Muammar al-Gaddafi, and even Kim Jung-un. Whichever head you choose, you'll find that Sound of Power has sliced off a piece of it to house the single speaker, and each order is signed by artist Petro Wodkins.

The busts are available in three sizes: a 10-inch model for around $1,200; a 1-foot-10-inch model for $3,900; and a model that's almost 4 feet tall for just under $40,000. Sorry audiophiles, those prices are for a single speaker, so you'll get the same monophonic sound as in most Bluetooth speakers.

Of course if vanity is your thing, you can have Sound of Power customize a bust to look just like you, a family member, or even a pet. The team uses 3D modeling to capture a 3D image of your head, which they'll use to build a white porcelain or 24-karat-gold speaker version of you. This customization is available only for the 3-foot-7-inch bust, and it'll set you back about $165,000. Though for that price you get flown out to Moscow and put up at the Ritz Carlton for a few days so they can prepare your bust, and they'll deliver and install the speaker in person at your home or office.

If you just can't live without having a porcelain bust of a president, dictator, or loved one pumping out your iTunes library, head over to Sound of Power's site to preorder one for yourself.

(Via Luxury Launches)