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Rock out with a 'Star Wars' Stormtrooper helmet

Listen to the Imperial March from "Star Wars" the way it was meant to be heard -- through a Stormtrooper helmet Bluetooth speaker.

This Stormtrooper helmet speaker would be perfect for any fan or Sith Lord's entertainment system. The Fowndry

Stormtroopers might not be able to hit the broadside of the Millennium Falcon with their blasters, but their helmets make for great Bluetooth speakers.

This "Star Wars" Stormtrooper Helmet Bluetooth Speaker comes out in October, but music lovers and Sith fans can preorder one now from UK-based geeky retailer The Fowndry.

The helmet speaker would go well with a Death Star Bluetooth speaker or all on its own.

Measuring 10.5 centimeters by 11.8 centimeters by 12.7 centimeters (4.13 inches by 4.66 inches by 5 inches), the speaker might be a little small for a real Stormtrooper's head, but its sound quality via a high-quality 5W speaker has the potential to impress Darth Vader himself.

The officially licensed "Star Wars" speaker uses a rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery with a USB charger cable so you don't need a Death Star to power it. It has rubberized feet so it'll stay put even when you're chasing down Rebel Scum in your TIE fighter or Tesla. You can read more about it on the product page.

The Fowndry is taking preorders now for the Stormtrooper helmet speaker, which retails for $63 (about £40, AU$82).

Other "Star Wars" items fans can pick up at The Fowndry include a Millennium Falcon multitool, TIE fighter nutcracker, Death Star birdhouse and "Star Wars" Miniature Metal Kits.