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Rock beats scissors, glove beats humans?

Normally I'd be against a glove that helps me "play with myself," but I want one of these.

Rock Paper Scissors glove
Screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

There are a few games I will win more times than I'll lose. At pinball, I am Tommy. In Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, I am Darth Vader. And in Rock Paper Scissors, I am The Destroyer.

But now that I've seen this Arduino-powered Rock Paper Scissors training glove, I'm ready to challenge myself to the ultimate duel, given that I'm the only one who could beat me.

We've covered inventor Steve Hoefer and his love of Arduino microcontrollers before with his badass secret knock-detecting door lock, and this glove adds to the awesomeness that's evolving around the Arduino framework.

The glove features the Arduino as the brain and uses an accelerometer to detect the "1,2,3!" fist pump actions of the game, and a flexometer (giggity!) to determine which hand gesture is being shown. A display built in to the back of the glove displays its move: rock, paper, or scissors.

But it's not random; the machine learns. Anyone successful in RPS (Rock Paper Scissors, man) knows that the key to winning is knowing how your opponent thinks. Likewise, if you tend to open with paper as your move, the computer will start opening with scissors more.

Steve, if you're reading this, I think you've hit on the boutique holiday gift for 2010. I've got $500 I'll invest in getting this thing into stores by then.

(Via TechEBlog)