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RoboWrap ready to revolutionize silverware wrapping

Watch out restaurant workers. This autonomous silverware wrapper can perfectly bundle utensils at a respectable speed.

Another human job lost to robots.
Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Working at a restaurant requires doing many repetitious tasks, but perhaps the most tedious and lamented (aside from bathroom cleanup) is wrapping silverware in a napkin.

To solve that age-old annoyance of having to bundle countless utensils, the Capstone Design class at Georgia Tech created an autonomous silverware wrapper capable of perfectly packaging silverware at a respectable speed.

While alternatives already exist in what are sometimes referred to as cutlery-packaging machines, the young architects of the ongoing robot revolution devised a much smaller and cheaper solution.

The group "aimed to create a device that was both small and affordable so that smaller restaurants might consider purchasing one," according to the video description.

The working prototype shown on video took about three months of development. While no market-ready device exists yet, we wouldn't be surprised to see this idea surface on Kickstarter sometime soon.

We couldn't help but share this silly YouTube comment from dbcooper714 about the robo silverware wrapper: "Obviously this could be put to better use rolling giant joints, and then afterwards a nice beef burrito."