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Robots rumble and Ant-Man is huge on the next CraveCast

While we don't yet have Jaegers, smaller versions of the Hollywood fighting robots are itching for a fight. In the next CraveCast July 13, the crew will take on the robot renaissance, and "Ant-Man" (no spoilers!)

The American Mark II plans to battle Japan's Kuratas next year. MegaBots/S.N. Jacobson

Forget the political campaigns, it's who will rule the robo-world that's captivating the CraveCast crew. The challenge for a royal robot rumble of big-boy bots from both sides of the Pacific Rim has been made and accepted and we'll be laying down our bets on either the American challenger, the Mark II, or Japan's Kuratas.

Join CNET's Kelsey Adams, Stephen Beacham, Bonnie Burton, Jeff Sparkman, Rich Trenholm and myself Monday, July 13 at noon Pacific time for the next CraveCast, where we'll be getting in our summer robot fix. I'll be hosting live from the San Francisco studio for the first time, and Rich will be Skyping in from the UK to tell us more about his screening of "Ant-Man" (No spoilers!).

In addition to the upcoming superbot showdown, we'll also chat about robot weddings, operas and more practical uses for such machines, which are seeming less machine-like all the time.

You can share your thoughts and questions in the comments below, and you can also tweet @crave and @EricCMack.

Then join us Monday to chime in. Watch the show live starting at noon PT on Monday, July 13, by returning to this page, where the video will be embedded below, or watch via YouTube or Livestream and join in the live chat room.

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