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Robots to haul luggage, and fight crime, in train stations

Who needs humans when robots are ready to help? East Japan Railways hopes its bots will be the perfect solution to solving travelers' common complaints.

Robots will carry luggage, assist lost travelers, clean floors and catch shoplifters in Japan's railways. 
JRE Robotics Station

Traveling can be a pain, especially when lost luggage, delayed flights and confusing train station layouts are the norm. 

Japan is hoping to make traveling safer, and maybe even more fun, by adding robots to give a helping mechanical hand at train stations.

East Japan Railways last week announced the creation of JRE Robotics Station, a company that will design robots to help travelers  navigate train stations and get to their trains on time. 

Other robots will be designed to carry luggage -- mainly assisting travelers with disabilities, not merely those who hate to lug around heavy suitcases.

The robots will also be programmed to understand a variety of languages to accommodate foreign visitors. Other robots will be designed to clean floors and otherwise tidy up the train stations.

Security robots that can detect shoplifters are also part of the new initiative. The idea of futuristic RoboCops makes sense considering the railway company also manages a number of hotels and shopping centers in Japan. 

But if you want to see this new robotic workforce in action, you may have to wait awhile. JRE Robotics Station has yet to announce when the robots will be in place to serve travelers.