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Robots created by Ex-Googler teach kids to code (Tomorrow Daily 260)

Ashley discusses a drone modeled after an origami paper crane, a new and inexpensive personal transport from the owners of Segway and one ex-Google employee's plan to teach kids coding with the help of cute robots.

Japanese company RHOM Semiconductor unveiled one of the most beautiful drone designs we've ever seen: Orizuru, a giant remote-controlled paper crane that flaps its delicate wings and sails through the sky. There aren't any plans for a retail launch, but there's a possibility Orizuru will go open-source for enthusiasts to build.

Chinese company Ninebot purchased Segway back in April of this year, and now, it's showing off the first product developed since the buyout. The Ninebot Mini is a smaller cousin of the Segway, and the price is equally as compact, coming in at the equivalent of $315 USD. The Ninebot Mini will launch in China next month, and a European launch is expected in the coming months (we're hoping for a US release, too, but no word on that as of now).

Wonder Workshop is a company founded by ex-Google employee Vikus Gupta. After welcoming a daughter into the world, Gupta thought about how he could encourage her to learn and love coding at a young age. The answer was Wonder Workshop's Dash and Dot, two robots designed to appeal to children and help them learn to code with the help of a companion app.

Back It or Hack It: Makerarm is touting itself as a sort of Swiss Army Knife of the robotic arm world. It has a large work surface, a browser-based control panel, and the ability to do a variety of tasks, including assembly, fabrication, 3D printing, cake decorating, milling, and soldering. It's not cheap, but it's also not nearly as expensive as larger robotic arms designed for mass manufacturing, so it's worth taking a look at.

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260: Robots created by Ex-Googler teach kids to code

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