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Useless salad-tosser robot joyfully harasses your lettuce

See one of the world's least useful kitchen appliances in action as a robot attempts to mix up a fresh salad.

The Useless Duck Company's YouTube description is short and sweet: "Useless inventions and overall madness." The channel's latest entry? The Useless Salad Machine, a robot that wants to be helpful but can't quite pull it off without making a mess.

The Useless Salad Machine, which includes quite a few 3D-printed components, takes on the chore of tossing a salad. The gadget holds a set of salad serving spoons. You place the contraption over a bowl and let it go to work. This sounds innocent, but it's really a chaotic demon in disguise.

The machine features several modes. The simple-toss mode launches the entire bowl onto the floor. The second mode causes the bot to jump up and down while flipping its spoons around, sending lettuce pieces flying onto the counter. The final option is turbo mode, which is a more enthusiastic version of the second mode and ends up catching the salad on fire for dramatic effect.

The one-off kitchen gadget isn't available to buy, which is fine since you won't want one anyway. At least we know the Useless Salad Machine isn't entirely useless after all. It's definitely good for a laugh.

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