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Robot chef can make you dinner in 2017 (Tomorrow Daily 161)

On today's show, our hosts debate the usefulness of using electrical currents on your legs as a navigation tool, show you a free virtual desktop program running on Oculus Rift and start saving up for a commercial robot chef scheduled for launch in 2017.

Tuesday is here, and so is our show. Today, we're all over the map: we're discussing a weird lab experiment at the University of Hannover in Germany that involves zapping your leg muscles to show you around town, a free program for Oculus Rift headsets that replicates your desktop OS in the VR space and an automatic kitchen setup with a pair of robot arms capable of cooking your dinner.

All very odd and fun stuff, but you can't say it's boring! There are also some great new releases this week, including Mortal Kombat X (even though Khail would say he's most excited about Grand Theft Auto V for PC).

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161: Robot chef can make you dinner in 2017

Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

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